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Collateral - Poster
Jacob Siner – Liberty University
Minimal Movies of 2012

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Consumer or Trade Publication
Evan Atherton & Jonathan Wynn - The University of Texas at Austin
Hanes Tagless Tees

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Consumer or Trade Publication - Campaign
Alex Jarzemsky & Julia Heath - Southern Methodist University

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Consumer or Trade Publication - Campaign
Ethan Muller
Beano Ad Series

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Digital Creative Technology
Sean Yoon - Academy of Art
Funfare / Shell

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Direct Marketing
Alice Wolf - University of Central Oklahoma
Eat at Home UCO!

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Direct Marketing
Mary Collins - University of Central Oklahoma
National Annual Palentology Conference Invitation

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Direct Marketing
Shelbi Rosa - University of Central Oklahoma
Steampunk Steamy Weekend Invitation

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Elements of Advertising - Visual
Mary Beth Koeth - Miami Ad School
The Collector

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Elements of Advertising - Visual
Amelia Liarakos - Virginia Tech
North by Northwest Titles

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Elements of Advertising - Visual
John-Patrick Custoddo - Southwest University of Visual Arts
12-04 - 158546

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Integrated Campaigns - Consumer
Kirby Darland - San Diego Portfolio School
Benjamin Moore - Color of great taste
15-02 - 163488

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Non-Traditional Advertising
Sarah Beth Hulver - SCAD
One Bead

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Out of Home
Jordan Hill / Fed Pacheco - University Of North Texas
Get closer - The Sixth Floor Museum

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Publication Design
Isaac Daniels – Kendall College of Art and Design
Disorder Publication

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Publication Design
Annie Churdar - Anderson University
Lost at Sea: A Children's Playground of Pop-up and 3D Effects

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Radio - Campaign
Meredith Karr - The Creative Circus
PSA for The Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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Sales Promotion - Packaging
Ali Prater - Columbus College of Art & Design
Epson Ink Cartridge Packaging

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Sales Promotion - Packaging
Joshua Phillips - Arkansas State University
Hand Me Down Office Supplies

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Student Judges' Choice Award
Television - Single
Michelle Brodrick - Brigham Young University